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Tractor Mounted Mowers

1. Makes and Models

Equipment ClassMakeModel#Link
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE5090M6Spec Sheet 5090M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE5085E3Spec Sheet 5085E
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE54251Spec Sheet 5425
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6105M1Spec Sheet 6105M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6110M3Spec Sheet 6110M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6115M2Spec Sheet 6115M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6120M2Spec Sheet 6120M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6125M1Spec Sheet 6125M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6140M14Spec Sheet 6140M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE6145M7Spec Sheet 6145M
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE66151Spec Sheet 6615
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE63309Spec Sheet 6330
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerJOHN DEERE713028Spec Sheet 7130
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerCHALLENGERMT465B5Spec Sheet MT465B
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerCHALLENGERMT475B1
Tractor Mounted Slope MowerMASSEY FERGUSON26601Spec Sheet 2660

2. What Are They

A skid loader, skid-steer loader, or skid steer is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments.They can be wheel mounted or tracked vehicles. Wheel mounted varieties work better on even, hard ground and can be operated faster than the tracked skid steers. Tracked skid steers perform better in rough and/or wet terrain.


3. Common Uses

  • Used to cut grass and any brush type material for slope and hard to reach terrain.

4. Different Attachments and their Applications

  • Two different styles of mowers can be attached to a tractor; Sickle and Pull behind (bush hog)

Flail MowerBush Hog Mower
Cuts with a "y" or a "t" shaped blades attached to a long shaftRotary mowers where cutting is performed by horizontally spinning blades
Better for areas with overgrown brush and vinesBetter for large overgrown grassy areas
Better quality cut and disperse the clipping more evenlyLess quality cut
Their design reduces the risk of injury from flying debrisLess safe since objects can be thrown in any direction. Any conducted work should be done with caution.

5. Types of Jobs

  • Roadside clearing and mowing
  • Median clearing and mowing

6. Safety

Safety of the operator:

  • Operators should wear appropriate clothing and follow the necessary safety procedures that apply to all occasions.
  • The operator’s PPE should include standard eye protection, work gloves, proper footwear, hearing protection, and hard hats.
  • Equipment should be mounted carefully, keeping three points of contact at all times, and the steps and cab interior should be kept clean.
  • Extreme caution should be applied around overhead power lines and underground utilities.

Safety of others:

  • Always keep others in sight and away from the equipment.
  • Establish a safe work zone.
  • Never allow riders on the equipment.

Equipment Safety:

  • Perform prestart inspection and lubrication daily.
  • Make sure equipment is performing correctly.
  • Check for obstacles and hazards in the area.
  • Obey rules about parking and operating on inclines.
  • Know the equipment and its limitations.
  • Be able to see and identify passersby, steep slopes, ditches, drop-offs, overhead obstructions, power lines, debris, and foreign objects.
  • Avoid backing up while mowing. Vision may be limited; severe damage or injury can occur.

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