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1. Makes and Models

Equipment ClassMakeModel#Link
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketCATERPILLAR926M11Spec Sheet 926M
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketCATERPILLARP24K1Spec Sheet P24K
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketCATERPILLAR924K12Spec Sheet 924K
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketVOLVOL60H10
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJOHN DEERE624K2Spec Sheet 624K
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJOHN DEERE544 J1Spec Sheet 544J
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJOHN DEERE544K110Spec Sheet 544k
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJOHN DEERE544K-II11Spec Sheet 544K-II
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJOHN DEERE544L1Spec Sheet 544L
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketCASE621G1Spec Sheet 621G
Loader Wheeled Over 3YD BucketJCBTM3201Spec Sheet TM320

2. What Are They

A tractor that could be either wheeled or on track is equipped with a front bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms) to scoop up loose material from the ground. Wheel loaders are known by many different names, including front loader, front end loader, skip loader, scoop loader, and bucket loader. Wheel loaders are found in several various industries that require dealing with heavy loads.

3. Common Uses

  • Loaders are used mainly for loading heavy materials into trucks.
  • Loaders can be used for laying pipes.
  • It can be used for clearing rubble.
  • It can be used for digging; however, it cannot dig very deep below its wheels’ level.

4. Different Attachments and Their Applications

wheel loader forks

Wheel Loader Forks

Loader push blades

Push Blades

  • Wheel loader blades are used to move dirt, gravel, loose rocks, snow, and debris.
  • Wheel loader booms allow efficient loading and manipulation of tubes and pipe fittings
  • Wheel loader buckets are standard attachments; however, they can be of different sizes and capacities.
  • Wheel loader grapples allow efficient and fast clearing of land, trees, brush, and more. Rotating grapple attachments allow for improved performance in rough conditions.
  • Wheel loader snow removers, perfect to remove snow and icy debris.
  • Wheel loader tree shears can quickly remove trees and clear land and are better than grapples for parcels with larger diameter trees.

5. Safety

Safety of the operator:

  • Operators should wear appropriate clothing and follow the necessary safety procedures that apply to all occasions.
  • The operator’s PPE should include standard eye protection, work gloves, proper footwear, hearing protection, and hard hats.
  • Equipment should be mounted carefully, and the steps and cab interior should be kept clean.
  • Extreme caution should be applied around overhead power lines and underground utilities.

Safety of others:

  • Always keep others in sight and away from the equipment.
  • Establish a safe work zone.
  • Never allow riders on the equipment.

Equipment Safety:

  • Perform prestart inspection and lubrication daily.
  • Make sure equipment is performing correctly.
  • Check for obstacles and hazards in the area.
  • Obey rules about parking and operating on inclines.
  • Know the equipment and its limitations.


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