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Motor Graders

1. Makes and Models

Equipment ClassMakeModel#Link
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670B11Spec Sheet 670B
Motor GradersJOHN DEEREDW670ch1Spec Sheet DW670ch
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670C5Spec Sheet 670C
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670CH1Spec Sheet 670CH
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670D7Spec Sheet 670D
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670G/GP19Spec Sheet 670G/GP
Motor GradersJOHN DEERE672G3Spec Sheet 672G
Motor GradersCHAMPION710A9Spec Sheet 710A
Motor GradersGALION830B1Spec Sheet 830B
Motor GradersNEW HOLLANDRG-1403Spec Sheet RG-140
Motor GradersCASE8451Spec Sheet 845
Motor GradersCASE8851Spec Sheet 885
Motor GradersCASE865B2Spec Sheet 865B
Motor GradersVOLVOG7102Spec Sheet G710
Motor GradersVOLVOG93013Spec Sheet G930
Motor GradersVOLVOG930B1Spec Sheet G930B
Motor GradersCATERPILLAR12G5Spec Sheet 12G
Motor GradersCATERPILLAR12H2Spec Sheet 12H
Motor GradersCATERPILLAR120M26Spec Sheet 120M2
Motor GradersCATERPILLAR120M2
1Spec Sheet 120M2 AWD
Motor GradersCATERPILLAR120G1Spec Sheet 120G
Motor GradersNORAM65E1Spec Sheet 65E

2. What Are They

Motor graders come in different sizes and configurations, but their primary purpose is to cut, fill, and move soil or other material with a blade to a specified finish grade.

3. Common Uses

  • Rough grading involves removing irregularities from an existing surface and creating the desired consistency at the desired elevation.
  • Windrowing and mixing of material for either removal or mixing with other materials.
  • Spreading new material that has been dumped or piled in a location.
  • Finish grading, i.e., to finish a graded surface to a specified elevation and slope.
  • Ditch cutting and clearing, where a grader’s blade can be extended out to the side of the machine to enable the equipment to cut and clean ditches.
  • Snowplowing, by clearing snow from rural roads and local streets.

4. Different Attachments and their Applications

Specialty blades can be used in place of a regular blade.

  • Serrated blades are sometimes used to spread and smooth unique material.
  • A straight blade can be attached to a grader with front mounting connectors. Straight blades are used for light dozing, backfilling, and spreading gravel or fill material.
  • A scarifier attachment consists of a set of thin teeth mounted on shanks and is used to scrape through soft soil and loosen it for mixing or scraping

Rippers can be mounted on the rear of the grader.

  • A ripper attachment consists of large teeth mounted on shanks at the rear of a grader. Rippers are used to breaking up hard soil or pavement. 

5. Types of Jobs

  • Earthwork grading
  • Base/sub-base grading

6. Safety

  • Before beginning work with a motor grader, conduct a daily or walk-around inspection. This inspection should be done before starting the engine to identify potential problems that could lead to breakdowns.
  • Effective grader operation requires a good sense of material placement and the ability to plan.
  • Always follow operating guidelines, pay attention to all instruments and controls, and keep a constant watch for people and hazards around the equipment.
  • Mount the equipment using three points of contact, get organized in the operator’s cab and become familiar with all the instruments and controls’ layout and purpose.

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