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Rough Terrain Tree Trimmer

Rough Terrain Tree Trimmer

1. Makes and Models

Motor GradersJOHN DEERE670B11Spec Sheet 670B
Rough Terrain Boom Tree TrimmerKENSHAW SKYTRIM75G22Spec Sheet 75G2

2. What Are They

Tree Trimmer is a rubber-tired, telescoping tree trimmer designed for trimming tree limbs and vegetation from utility rights-of-way, construction sites, roadways, etc., in rough terrain. Tree trimmers are equipped with a fiberglass telescoping boom with a saw cutter head capable of extending to a maximum height of approximately 75 feet from the ground.

The machine is equipped with hydraulically deployed rail wheels for operation on the railroad. When not in use, the rail wheels are retracted and mechanically locked in the stowed position.

3. Common Uses

  • Trimming tree limbs and vegetation.

4. Types of Jobs

  • Roadside clearing and tree trimming

5. Safety

Safety of the operator:

    • Operators should wear appropriate clothing and follow the necessary safety procedures that apply to all occasions.
    • The operator’s PPE should include standard eye protection, work gloves, proper footwear, hearing protection, and hard hats.
    • Equipment should be mounted carefully, and the steps and cab interior should be kept clean.
    • Extreme caution should be applied around overhead power lines and underground utilities.

Safety of others:

    • Always keep others in sight and away from the equipment.
    • Establish a safe work zone.
    • Never allow riders on the equipment.

Equipment Safety:

    • Perform prestart inspection and lubrication daily.
    • Make sure equipment is performing correctly.
    • Check for obstacles and hazards in the area.
    • Obey rules about parking and operating on inclines.
    • Know the equipment and its limitations.

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